Monday, 31 October 2011

My New Favourite Brush!

When it comes to brushes, I use what I can find in my draw and only buy some when I absolutely have to. Although, I do plan to invest in some good-quality brushes over Christmas. But, one brush that I absolutely love and never want to replace is my Bubbi brush. If you watch Bubbi's videos, as I do, then you'll know she recently brought out a range of gorgeous brushes. I had to try one and for some reason the retractable brush caught my eye. 
After I ordered it, I expected it to be delivered in one or two weeks because of all the orders being placed. But, to my excitemnt it arrived so quickly and I instantly fell in love with it! The brush itself is so soft, and the case is so practical, as I can put powder on it, then pop the lid on and put it in my makeup bag for a quick top-up during the day. 
 My love for this brush increased even more after I watched a tutorial from Bubbi about how to use the brushes and I realised you can pull the red part up to create a thinner, more angled brush, which is fantastic for putting powder under my eyes and around my nose.
I always take this brush out with me, and would never leave home without it! It's such good value for money and the design is so different and original!
I'll probably ask for the set for Christmas, because if the other brushes are half as good as the retractable one, then I'll be very chuffed. 
You can buy Bubbi brushes here and have a look at her YouTube channel here, her videos always cheer me up!
What kind of brushes do you guys recommend? Be sure to let me know!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday Night Faves No.10

Wow, I actually can't believe that my blog is 10 weeks old! A huge thank-you to everyone of my followers, I'm so happy that there are people who like to read my blog. So, onto my favourite finds this week. First is this gorgeous velvet blue skater dress. It's actually amazing how much velvet stuff they have in Topshop at the moment, I really love velvet and think it's prefect for the Christmas party season. 
 My second find is, again from Topshop. It's this metallic scallop vest, which just looks so simple yet glitzy. I know it might be considered to be a bit tacky, but I think if you style it nicely it could look so nice and perhaps quite expensive. If anyone is going as an astronaut or an alien for Halloween, then this top is perfect for you!
Sorry for my lack of finds this week, but I only include things I genuinely like and would wear and both of these just happened to catch my eye.
Please comment and let me know what you think of them!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mmmm Boots Bodyspray

Hey guys, this is just a quick post about my favourite bodysprays in the world. They're from the Boots Natural Collection and I'm sure some of you guys will have seen or tried them before.
 I absolutely love them, they're so fruity, fresh and amazing! I initially just planned to buy the Vanilla one, but it was 3 for 2 so I couldn't resist picking up the Strawberry and Mange & Papaya as well. I cannot recommend these enough, I'm currently using the Mango & Papaya and always receive complements on it. 
Be sure to comment and tell me if you've tried these or what your favourite body sprays are.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Bit of Benefit!

Hey guys! I thought I'd do a post about my collection of Benefit products. Just to clarify, this isn't a haul, some of these products are a good few years old. I wouldn't say I'm a Benefit addict or anything, but I do think some of their products are essential.
 Here's my collection, don't they look like a happy little family of Benefit products? I'm pretty positive that all of the products are still available in Boots and other shops. 
I'll begin with my favourite products and work my way down to my least favourite. Oh and just to clarify I wasn't sent any of this stuff, I bough it all myself (well, my dad bought me some) and just because I don't like a product doesn't mean you won't!
My absolute favourite Benefit product is my Erase Paste, which retails at around £19. I bought it in July 2011 and use it every single day and although you can't really tell, there is still a lot left in the pot, so it is actually pretty good value for money. I don't really have dark circles under my eyes, but I seem to always have darkish marks no matter how much sleep I get at night. 
 My next favourite products from Benefit are their blushes! I just find them so lovely and very practical, as they come with a little blush brush inside! You can probably tell form the photo that Thrrob and Dandelion are quite old (Dandelion dates back to 2008, when I stole it from my mum's makeup bag!). They're all still available on the website for £23.50 and I definitely plan to purchase another Thrrob as soon as possible.
 It's hard to choose which colour is my favourite, even though I've used Thrrob the most that's only because I've had it the longest. You can probably see that the packaging for Bella Bamba differs slightly to the packaging of the other two as it's lid is attached and features a little mirror, which is actually really useful! They all come with a little blusher brush, and although I'm not expert on brushes, the Benefit one is quite good in my opinion. 
I would definitely recommend them, especially Bella Bamba, purely for it's gorgeous, yet practical packaging!
 Next up is High Beam, which is a liquid highlighter that is supposed to highlight your cheek and brow bones. I like it, although I don't by any mean see it as essential. I find it gives my cheeks a pearly, dewy glow which I do really like. 
 I find the applicator brush really easy to use, evan for a makeup dummy like myself. Rather than re-purchasing it as soon as it finishes, I may add it to my Christmas list instead, as it's not one of those products that I absolutely have to wear every single day.
Onto my next Benefit products, which are the Badgal lash and eyeliner. Apologies for the fact that both of them looked quite old and scruffy, but as you can infer from the size of the eyeliner, I've used them non-stop for quite some time now! The mascara is actually empty, and although I did enjoy it, I wouldn't repurchase it as I' very content with the results of my Collection 2000 mascara. I do really love the eyeliner and have used it everyday since I was about 14, so I probably wouldn't ever consider buying an alternative black eyeliner. 
So, this is Powder Flage, which is a powder concealer. I'm going to be brutally honest and say I really dislike this product, but perhaps that's because I was a little to optimistic about a powder concealer. I just don't see the difference this product makes to my face that could be because I'm using it wrong or because this product just isn't that good. 
These are the three mini products that come in the Just In Case set. You can probably see that I've used Benetint quite a lot, and I do really like it! You only need a tiny drop though, otherwise you'll end up with clown cheeks. Eyecon, is an under eye concealer and although it isn't a patch on Erase Paste, it isn't too bad. California Kissin' is a minty lip gloss, which is really lovely and give your lips a nice tingly, minty fresh feeling. 
So, we've reached the end of my rather long Benefit review and I hop you've enjoyed it and please comment about what Benefit product you like.


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday Night Faves No.9

Hey guys! I am soo sorry that I haven't posted at all this week, but I've been so busy with school work and I hate the thought of having to rush and do a blogpost. I would much rather put time and though into what I write, rather than just scribble down gibberish. I'll hopefully be able to bash out a couple more posts this week though, as I have a couple planned and have set aside some time for them. 
Anyway, my first fave this week are these incredibly cute jeans from Topshop. I love unicorns, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw that my favourite animal covered a pair of trousers! These trousers are seriously cute, every time I look at them I smile!
The next item I have my eye on is this gorgeous fisherman jumper from River Island in baby blue. I love the simple style of the jumper, but the colour is what caught my eye, it's just so lovely! A jumper like this is such an investment, especially with the cold weather approaching!
My final fave this week are these amazingly cute, and dare I say Christmassy socks from Urban Outfitters. I love a good pair of socks and this pair seem to incorporate everything I love; fairilse and frills! I think they'll look so cute paired with a pair of brogues!

Hope you like all my finds this week and please comment telling me what you think!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Night Faves No.8

Hey guys, hope every ones had a lovely weekend! I actually can't wait for the clocks to change in a week or so, I know a lot of people absolutely detest dark mornings and evenings, but I love them, they just feel so Christmassy! I'm so looking forward to whipping out the wooly scarves, hats and gloves!
So, it's no surprise that my first favourite item this week is this little pink bobble hat from Topshop. I love the shape and the colour is just adorable! It's not cheap at £14, but a wooly hat is an essential investment!
My next favourite item, is again, from Topshop (I spend far too much of my life on the Topshop website, as you can probably tell). But, it's this lovely stripey flare tunic, which I think would look so cute with a leather jacket on top. I also love the shape of this dress and think it would be really flattering.
My final favourite item this week is this gorgeous velvet backpack from Urban Outfitters. I know this may not be to every one's cup of tea, but I absolutely love and think it would actually be really practical, due to it's large size. Unfortunately though, it's pretty expensive, so for the time being, it's going on my Christmas list (very near the top!)
Be sure to comment and tell me what you think of my finds! 

Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday Fashion Icon No.1

Hey guys! This is probably going to be a semi-regular post, not every week, but perhaps every month. Anyway, I hope every ones well and enjoying the incredible weather we're having in the U.K!
So, this month I've really been loving the style of Alexa Chung, who I'm sure you're all familiar with!
Alexa Chung has definitely brought back 'granny chic' and her use of a briefcase/satchel style bag inspired Mulberry to create a new bag, and actually name it after her! If having Mulberry name a bag after you doesn't make you a style icon, I don't know what does!
Do you like Alexa's style? Be sure to comment and let me know!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday Night Faves No.7

Hey guys! Wow, how the weather has changed since my post last week, as there are now talks that there's some snow on the way! 
Also, I'm going to introduce a new semi-regular post, by that I mean every three weeks or so. It's going to be called 'Friday Fashion Icon' and as you can probably guess from the title, it'll feature a few words and photos about my favourite fashion icons. 
So, my first find this week is this Topshop lip stain marker pen. Topshop just released them this week and they sell them in two other colours, but this one is by far my favourite! I do have slight reservations about buying a lip marker pen, as I bought a Maybelline one a while ago, and it made my lips sting a bit and the colour lasted what seemed like half an hour. But, I love Topshop makeup so I'll definately be buying one!
Topshop: £8
My next find from Topshop is this gorgeous pair of tan wedges. They are absolutely gorgeous, and when it comes to heels vs. wedges, I'll always go for wedges, as I find them a million times more comfy! I love the colour of these ones and just think they're so stylish and would go with pretty much everything I own. 
Topshop: £70
My next find is this gorgeous dress from Urban Outfitters, I absolutely love it! It's so simple, but lovely. It's got a real preppy look to it and can be dressed up or down. It's not cheap, but I'm determined to save up for it, as I know it'll be a staple in my wardrobe!
Be sure to comment and tell me what you think of my finds!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Forever 21, Yay or Nay?

Hey guys! This is just a little post about Forever 21, because I really can't decide whether or not I actually like them. Currently, they have two stores in the UK, one in London and one in Birmingham. I've been to the one in London on Oxford Street and have to say that the interior designers did a cracking job! I mean if you compare it to the likes of H&M and New Look, which sell similar priced clothes, overall it's a much nicer shopping experience.
One good thing about the clothing at Forever 21 is the price, it's so refreshing and lovely for a Topshop lover, like myself to see clothing priced underr £20. I think, there are bargains to be found, but due to the fact that the store is quite large, they're hard to stumble across. It's the type of store that makes me think 'if it was empty for an hour I could easily find some bargins', because it's just so busy! 
If I could find any of the following items in the stores I would indeed be a very happy bunny! My first favourite item is this lovely peter pan collar spotty shirt. It's so cute and preppy and features my greatest loves in fashion; spots and peter pan collars 
 One thing I'm really in need of is a plain shirt and this one is just perfect! I think it would look so cute paired with a little bow tie and high wasted shorts (in case you can't tell, I'm a serious fan of the whole preppy look!)
A camel blazer in Topshop is likely to set you back about £60, but this one from Forever 21 is under £30. I'm not normally a blazer type person, so if I was to buy one, I would preferably like to get a cheapish one and this one is so perfect in my opinion. 

    Brogues to me are an essential and these pair are certainly a must have for Autumn. The colour, the shine, and the design are all so Autumnal and would go with basically everything I own!
Do you guys like Forever 21? I'd love to know so be sure to leave a comment!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday Night Faves No.6

Hey everyone! Hope you've all had a good weekend, and I hope you've enjoyed the ridiculously hot weather we've been having. When I began searching for my weekly finds, I wasn't sure whether to look for Summer or Winter clothes. The weather in the UK is literally so bizarre, one week you'll be wearing sunglasses and the next a winter scarf!
 Anyway, apologies for rambling on about the weather, so my first weekly fave are these gorgeous red velvet brogues from Topshop. I know they may not be to every one's taste, but I love the bright colour and the fact that they're velvet. I am seriously loving Topshop shoes at the moment and already have about five pairs on my Christmas list.
The next find is this gorgeous River Island playsuit, I just love the colour and the beautiful detail! I think it has a real vintage 30-40's look to it, as though it's a modern day piece from the American Jazz Age. For me, playsuits are perfect, as whenever I wear a dress I always worry about it riding up a little too much. But, that problem doesn't exicst with playsuits thankfully!
My final find this week are these gorgeous scallop shorts from Miss Selfridge. I absolutely love them, I realy have a thing for scallop edges and think these shorts are perfect for Autmn/Winter with a pair of black tights. They also do them in burgandy, which I also love.
I hope you guys like my finds this week and be sure to comment what you think of them!