Monday, 31 October 2011

My New Favourite Brush!

When it comes to brushes, I use what I can find in my draw and only buy some when I absolutely have to. Although, I do plan to invest in some good-quality brushes over Christmas. But, one brush that I absolutely love and never want to replace is my Bubbi brush. If you watch Bubbi's videos, as I do, then you'll know she recently brought out a range of gorgeous brushes. I had to try one and for some reason the retractable brush caught my eye. 
After I ordered it, I expected it to be delivered in one or two weeks because of all the orders being placed. But, to my excitemnt it arrived so quickly and I instantly fell in love with it! The brush itself is so soft, and the case is so practical, as I can put powder on it, then pop the lid on and put it in my makeup bag for a quick top-up during the day. 
 My love for this brush increased even more after I watched a tutorial from Bubbi about how to use the brushes and I realised you can pull the red part up to create a thinner, more angled brush, which is fantastic for putting powder under my eyes and around my nose.
I always take this brush out with me, and would never leave home without it! It's such good value for money and the design is so different and original!
I'll probably ask for the set for Christmas, because if the other brushes are half as good as the retractable one, then I'll be very chuffed. 
You can buy Bubbi brushes here and have a look at her YouTube channel here, her videos always cheer me up!
What kind of brushes do you guys recommend? Be sure to let me know!


  1. That is ever so lovely.

  2. That looks like such a soft, good-quality brush as well. I use a cheap set I got from eBay, classyyyy. I definitely need some better ones, but I'm a bit of a make-up newbie anyway so I'm a bit wary. LOVE this, and the fact you can watch the videos to get tips as well.

  3. Love your blog! :D I would definitely recommend Eco brushes which are really good quality and really cheap! you can get them in boots :) or MAC brushes are always wonderful as well, if you don't mind paying extra! but check for cheaper ones on ebay :) I'm following you now! :) <3

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