Thursday, 29 September 2011

Blog Award-Tell Me About Yourself

Hi guys! I was soo amazingly chuffed to get a blog award from the lovely Chloe. It was such a lovely surprise to see my blog's name on her list, so big thanks to you!

 Basically, what you have to do is...

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you
2. Write seven random facts about yourself that people won't nesecarly know
3. Link 15 other bloggers and spread the blogging love!

My Seven Random Facts:

1. I could eat anything with Ketchup or BBQ sauce. 
2. When I was younger I hated anything minty with a passion, now I absolutely love it!
3. I looooove dry Special K flakes
4. I check the Topshop website everyday, I really have far too much time on my hands
5. I'm obsessed with the colour pink, even if it looks tacky!
6. I love M&S cheese tasters and used to call them 'fluffy carrots' when I was little
7. One day I want live in New York, preferably in the Friends apartment!

The 15 Blogs I'm Passing This On To:
2. Zoe Zoella
5. Pip Strawberry
6. Rhiannon RVP
7. Gem Gemfatale
8. Chery Cherry Pie
9. Jessie Findingdaisies
10. Katherine Kathykinsxo
12. Sarah Thestylishheart
13. Raz Raz-in-time
14. Katie Dolly Bowbow
15. Samantha Beauty-Crush

I seriously LOVE all these blogs, they all inspire me in so many ways and I genuinely love it when I see a new post from them. I definitely recommend you check them out!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. congratulations on the award!

  2. I know this is REALLY BAD but I'm so crap at checking my links and I've just seen this - WORST BLOGGER EVER! But seriously it means so much that you put me on the list :) thank you so much!

    And I love Special K dry too, hahaha.