Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Night Faves No.5

The fact that I'm doing Sunday Night Finds No.5 has made me realise that my blog is in fact a month old! I really love reading your lovely comments and would like to say a huge thanks to my followers! 
So, my first find is this really cute, yet simple dress from Miss Selfridge. I've seen different versions of it before, but this slightly unusual colour combination is very Autumnal to me, I just love how the mustard and purple look together. 
Miss Selfridge- £32
I really love all the shoes Topshop have in at the moment, they have some gorgeous, heels, boots and flats! I'll definitely be asking for a couple of new pairs from Topshop for Christmas! My favourite pair of flats right now had to be these loafers! They've got a real vintage look to them and remind me of the kind of slippers that my grandma wears. The price is the only thing that puts me of, so I may have to put them on my 'Buy if I Win The Lottery'.
Topshop- £52
Be sure to comment and tell me what you think of the shoes and dress! 


  1. Love the missselfridge dress, i have already purchased the white/pink one of these and the black/tribal one! Go with anything and so easy to dress up/down. Loving the sunday night favourites today

  2. love the miss selfridge dress!xx

  3. Oh so pretty! I reckon the dress and the loafers would go veeery well togheter! Lovely blog! <3<3