Saturday, 10 December 2011

Magical Max Factor Shadestick

Recently I've been experimenting quite abit with eye shadows and what not. Given how much I used to steer clear of dark colours, I've really come to enjoy doing a smokey eye look. I do eventually plan on using dark blacks and blues, but for now I'm getting used to doing a smokey dark brownish eye. I can definitely recommend a few good eye products which are perfect for creating a subtle smokey brown eye, particularly the NYX jumbo eye pencils, although they can get very dirty and become some what unsightly due to the white packaging. 
The Max Factor shade stick was just something I picked up in Tesco for around 5 GBP, which is actually a pretty good price I think. As you can see from the photos it like two eye crayons combined (so you're kind of getting two for five pounds if you think about it), one of which is a rounded champagne colour the other is a dark brown with a more pointed angle to it. 
While having two eye crayons in one is very handy, as it's easy just to throw in your bag and top up your smokey during the day, to use each colour you have to twist the tube, which has unfortunately resulted in my dark brown being squished as I forgot to twist it all the way down before I put the lid on. But, that was my own silly fault and overall, I really like this product, as the dark brown and champagne are really easy to blend together (so there isn't really any chance that you'll look like a panda as I normally look like when I apply dark colours). I'm know really curious to try this out in other colours, perhaps the dark black and silver.
Are you guys into smokey eyes? Be sure to comment and let me know!

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