Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday Night Faves No.16

Hey guys! Hope everyone has had a lovely week! I went out shopping today and it was so lovely because there were little Christmas stalls and some charities were singing carols to raise money which was really lovely. The fortnight before Christmas is possibly my favourite time of year, although I'm a little disappointed that I haven't seen a single fake of snow yet.
Anyway, my first favourite item this week are these rather interesting brogues from Topshop. Now, they may not be to everyone's taste and I first I thought Topshop were just trying to generate more profit by saving money on leather. But, I actually think these look quite interesting and they're certainly very eye-catching. Plus I think the different shades of cream are really nice, although they are perhaps a little too Summery for this chilly weather.
Next are these gorgeous platform heels from, yet again, Topshop. As you can probably tell, I'm really loving creamy colours which is very annoying given the chilly weather. I'm really loving chunky platform heels, I just find them so much easier to walk in than your average stiletto heels. 
My final favourite item this week is this gorgeous spotty chiffon shirt from Urban Outfitters! I've always been slightly obsessed with the colour pink since I was little and even now I'm still drawn like a magnet to all things pink. This shirt seems like a real investment as you can wear it tucked in or out and the spots are actually velvet which, to me, makes it the perfect shirt!

Hope you guys like my finds and be sure to comment!


  1. These shoes are amazing! I love chunky heels too - far better for dancing x

  2. Love love love the heels. It's definitely better having chunky heels - I don't really have any stilettos in my collection.