Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Night Faves No.17

Hey guys! I apologise for the lack of posts this week but I've been busy finishing up some school work and what not. Anyway I thought fr my Sunday Night Faves this week I would add a Christmas theme, just to put you all in the festive mood! Hopefully I'll be able to bosh out a post next week, on (can you believe it?) Christmas day! 
My first favourite item this week is these gorgeous jumper from Topshop with a snowman on it! It's perfect for Christmas time, especially since it's unlike that I'll get a chance to build an actual snowman due to the severe lack of snow.
My next favourite item are these lovely jeans from Urban Outfitters in a rather festive shade of red! I think the jeans and the snowman jumper would be the most festive combo ever, and would be perfect for lounging around on Christmas day!
My last fave is this lovely festive jumper form Urban Outfitters. I personally love over the top patterned, fairilse jumpers and think the colours in this jumper make it incredibly Christmassy! Despite wanting a jumper like this I've never got round to buying one as all the ones I've seen in vintage shops have been made of thick wool, which really irritates my skin. Thankfully though, this one is much thinner and made of cotton.

Hope you guys like all my find and Merry Christmas!

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  1. I splashed out on the penguin version of the snowman jumper. TOO cute!