Monday, 7 November 2011

Monday Musings #1 'Why so anonymous?'

This isn't a product or clothing post, this is just a rambley post about why I'm currently an anonymous blogger. I began blogging toward the end of the Summer, mainly because I was reading and enjoying so many blogs and thought that if reading blogs was fun, writing one ought to be a hoot! And it is, I love blogging and can't help feel a sense of pride when I look at my blog.
 However, my decision to remain anonymous is only temporary and I look forward to doing outfit posts so people can really see my personal sense of style. Unfortunately though, I just don't feel ready to put photos of myself up on the Internet where it's so easy for people to judge and criticise you. But, in my few months as a blogger I've found the blogging community to be very positive and rarely see any negative comments. I do really look forward to revealing my identity and making my blog more personal, even though I can't pin point whether that will be when I turn eighteen or forty-three, but I'm sure that I'll know when the time is right.


  1. I totally feel you here, I ummed and ahhed about starting blogging for SO long, but now I have I love it though I do worry that I might get mean comments I guess you have to roll with the punches and remember it's only one in however many comments. I will look forward to the big reveal :D xx

  2. I think it's very interesting that you jumped into blogging anonymously, and quite clever, actually. I spent a lot of time without a blog, considering whether I wanted to post photos of myself, before doing anything at all... The way you've gone about things seems much more logical, really :) Looking forward to the big reveal, whenever that may be!

  3. I do worry about what people might think - but I guess you just have to roll with it like you say! And in general people are really super positive.

    I look forward to an outfit post!!

  4. I was just like you when I started blogging, but you really don't have to be afraid of anything. This community is so supportive and it actually made me a more confident person. :)

  5. thankyou for the lovely comment on the dress, but that's my friend! this is her lovely blog:


  6. i think it's rare for a person to get nasty comments on their blog, i've never seen any anyway. and thanks for visiting mine! xx