Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Best Body Butter in the World?

I'm many of you will have heard, tried or at least smelt the Body Shops body butter before, as it's won numerous awards and what not. Initially I only intended to buy one, but there was an offer on of 'Buy Two for £15.00' and at £12.50 each, it made sense to buy another. I'm pretty sure I smelt every single pot, and every flavour was strong and intense, but I found some (e.g the Coconut and Mango) just too overwhelming and a little sickly. I think it's just down to personal taste which one you like and which ones you can't stand. 
 The first one I went for was the Shea Body Butter, which I is definitely my favourite, as it has a lovely smell that I always seem to love. Whereas, my other Body Butter is in the Strawberry flavour, which is undoubtedly amazing and intense, but sometimes I literally cannot stand it, which I know is rather odd.

After the first use my skin instantly felt softer and I find that it's not the type of product that you have to consistently use for five days or so before you see or feel the results. 

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  1. I love body shops body butters! I agree, they're great for that automatic soft feeling :) xx