Monday, 22 August 2011

MAC Attack

Ok, so the title is a little OTT, as I only bought a few things but I couldn't resist a bit of rhyming! I had heard of MAC a few years ago, and after hearing so many great things about them I decided I would have to give them a try. Unfortunately there aren't any stores near me, but there a concessions in other large stores. 
However, while on my holiday last month I was lucky enough to stumble into one of their stores. I was immediately drawn to the lipsticks, and was pleasantly surprised by that nice vanillary smell they have. I purchased Hue and Pretty Please, both of which are pinks. I had heard and seen the colour Hue used on bloggers such as LLYMLRS and Zoella, so I decided to at least test it out. But strangely enough I picked it up, tried it, loved it, then realised it was Hue. I now totally appreciate all the hype around Hue, as I think it gives your lips such a nice hint of pink, which makes it really easy to wear with anything! 
Left: Hue (Glaze) Right: Pretty Please (Lustre)
I like Pretty Please but find it a bit too sheer to wear just on it's own, unlike Hue, which has become my new everyday lipstick! I love the MAC lipsticks, as I find them quite moisturizing and I think they're are definitely worth the money. 
I also picked up a paint pot, as I liked how you're able to use them as an eyeshadow base and just on their own. It's the perfect piece of makeup for someone like myself, who is a little bit lazy when it comes to applying eyeshadow, as you can just dab a bit on your eyes and you're good to go! 
Colour is Bare Study
 The only downside to buying these products is now I'm dying to buy more from Mac! If anyone has any recommendations about what MAC products to get next, I would LOVE to hear them.

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