Thursday, 25 August 2011

A BHS Bargin?

BHS isn't usually the place I would expect to find some decent makeup, yet low and behold, I have been proven wrong. I had heard of the brand NYX before, and was keen to try it but I never expected to stumble across it in BHS, and with 50% of all the products! Unfortunately they don't have that many of the products, I spotted a lip gloss, blusher and some eyeshadow palettes, but thankfully they also had the product I had been searching for, the Jumbo Eye Pencil! They did actually have quite a lot of colours to my surprise so I picked up three, as they were just £3 each. 
The first I picked up is a white colour called Milk, which I got to brighten my eye, and blend with the darker browns. I bought a bronze colour called Ice Mocha, and a darker brown called 'French Fries', I have to say they all look lovely when used together.
 I much perfer cream eyeshadows to powder ones, as they so much easier to blend and much quicker to apply (partly because no brushes are required!) I really would like to purchase more of these eye pencils as they're so easy to use, evan for somone like me who tends to shy away from using dark colours.

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