Monday, 29 August 2011

Original Source Product Review

I'm never really fussed as to what shower gel I use, I usually just use whatever is in the shower to be honest. So when I used our latest shower gel, well to say the least I was pleasantly surprised. The Original Source Summer Golden Pineapple shower gel, is absolutely amazing, it has such a intense fruity smell, that definitely epitomises all of the scents you associate with Summer time.

I literally cannot get enough of it, and by a strange coincedence my mum bought the Original Source Shea Butter and Coconut handwash, which is also lovely, but not quite as intense as the shower gel.

I would definately consider myself a fan of Original Source products now, as the company work closely with Fair Trade and the Vegan Society!
Oh and apologies for using the companies photos, but the shower is, as you guessed, in the shower and the hand wash is running out.


  1. i've never actually tried original source products. i've smelt them and they always smell so fruity, but never actually bought them haha x

  2. These always smell so great!

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  4. Ah i love Original source products so much! Iuse the minty shampoo and an avocado condtiioner. everyone always seems to say how nice my hair smells which is always good! Will definitely be trying that shower gel, it soudns really good! x