Sunday, 21 August 2011

Pixi Makeup Review

While on my holidays last month, my mum ventured into a rather large Boots store and came across what she called a 'cute' little makeup range called Pixi. Strangely by coincidence, I had actually been searching for this range for a while after watching numerous reviews on YouTube. When it comes to makeup, I'm a ashamed to say that if the packaging of a product is 'cute and pretty', I will most likely buy it, even if I know that I will rarely use it.

But, do not be fooled by the 'cuteness' of Pixi products, as they are in fact quite expensive for a brand sold in Boots. Most of the products range from about £10 to £20, which I think is very reasonable as the quality is very good.
So, the first product I bought is the Pixi blush in No.4 Golden Energy, which retails at £14.00. Normally, I would buy a really bright pink blush (like No.2 Pick Me Up Pink), however I really liked the fact that I can apply this on the go without having to worry about it blending in, due to the gorgeous  colours. The packaging is adorable, yet incredibly practical, as it features a mirror and a pull out draw which contains an amazingly soft blush brush. I personally like to use this highlighting blush over a more colourful, pigmented blush, as I find it adds a lovely shimmery glow.
The second product I bought was the Eye Beauty Kit in No.5 Miracle, which consists of mostly neutral colours (pinks, beige's, browns and yellows) the perfect colours for someone like myself who isn't exactly brilliant at applying eyeshadow! This palette is possibly one of the slimmest palettes I have ever seen, which makes it the perfect size to carry around in your bag. The colours are lovely and I find that they really brighten up your eyes, and the palette comes with an easy to use eye shadow brush. 
I would definitely recommend the two products that I bought, as they're really easy to apply and to use on the go. Some people may dislike the packaging, but I absolutely love it, as it really makes the brand stand out.
But, please bear in mind that this is just my personal opinion.

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