Friday, 26 August 2011

Rather Large Eyeko Review

I'm sure most of  you will have heard of Eyeko, as quite a few popular bloggers are ambassadors of the brand and offer a free gift code on their blog. Some may consider the design of the products to be a bit cheap looking and tacky, but I love it and would gladly buy the products purely on the basis of their design!
I recently ordered two of the fat balms, and the Eyeko cream with extra glow, the Eyeko sparkle powder was bought a good few years ago and I think it's since been discontinued. The liptastick pen came as a free gift when I used an ambassador code. 
The two fat balms retail at £6.50 each, which I think is perhaps a bit overpriced. I ordered the Minty Fat Balm and Toffee Fat Balm, at first I really disliked he smell of both of them. However, I particularly liked the colour of the Minty Fat Balm, so I thought I would persevere with it, despite the smell. But, I have grown to really like the smell and feel that it really freshens my lips and breath and the colour adds a nice pink shine to my lips. But, I'm still not keen on the colour or the smell of the toffee, as the smell reminds me of plastic and the colour just doesn't suit me.
On to the second type of lip product, the Liptastick Glossy Lip Pen, which came free as my ambassador gift, however they're available to buy for £6.50. I got it in the a bright, vibrant red called Lip Lover, and although it's a little too daring for me I think it's a gorgeous colour for someone with the confidence to pull of such a classic red. The fact that it's in a pen makes the application very precise, no matter what the shape of your lips is. The formula of the lipstick is really creamy and doesn't dry out your lips too much.
The next product I ordered was the Eyeko Cream with Extra Glow, which retails at £8.95. It's a very fair price for the amount of product you get in the pot. I really like the feel of the cream itself, as I find it isn't too thick or gloopy and does add a very nice glow when blended in correctly. 
The Eyeko Sparkle Powder is cute, but really not practical. Granted, it does come with an adorable pink powder puff, but beware as soon as you pick up the powder puff a fog of sparkly powder comes out with it. I really don't recommend applying the product with the powder puff as you may end up with two very large sparkly circles on your cheeks.
Overall, I would say I'm a fan of Eyeko products, as they're affordable and come in adorable packaging, my only complaint would be that there aren't enough products for sale!
Be sure to let me know if you have any Eyeko products and what you think of them!


  1. Absolutley love the colour of the lipstick! x

  2. I'm a big fan of the eyeko cream with extra glow, similar to the Benefit high beam except you get so much more in the eyeko tub! winner! x

  3. I agree with your thoguhts on the Eyeko design, i don't think it's tacky, i think it's rather cute. I've heard good reviews about the fat balms, its so annoying when products don't smell nice! xx